My name is Mr. I. Since 1980 I have been teaching multicultural and educational music to children. I currently teach my Musical Rainbow program at several music academies and at several Montessori schools. Along with teaching I write songs and perform concerts for children. Over the years I’ve worked with Gary Huntbatch (composer) and Anise Abdulla (Montessori Educator) and others to create many CDs full of entertaining and educational songs. These songs contain fun facts about the culture, the geography, the wildlife, the history and so much more about each particular theme.

You’re songs are very cute and singable. Thankyou for writing them down and making the CDs. My students had fun singing them!” Mary Kovak, Elementary school teacher,
Glen Ellyn, Illinois, U.S.A.

Dear Mr. I
You are such a good music teacher. Carlos and my other boys (Jamie, Braden, Isaac) have all enjoyed being in your class. You have a gift working with children! Have a great Summer!

Dear Mr. I,
Thank you so much for understanding how to work with Cole. We really appreciate your patience and understanding. Cole constantly sings the songs from your class, both at home and on the road. See you in September!
Erica & Derek

Dear Mr. I
Thank you for all of our sweet memories you helped create for us!
Stacey, Paul, Jack & Samantha

Dear Mr. I
"Michael loves your classes. He loves it so much he wantsw to come here every day! Thank you for everything.."
Michael's family

"Thank you always for being such a wonderful teacher as well as a friend to all the DQMS kids. Friday's music time is always Timothy's favorite!"
Timothy's family

Thank you for your kind and gentle nature with the children."
Micah & Monika

Dear Mr. I,
Thank you s much for your dedication to your art and to the children. It is so nice to see someone who has such a commitment and passion for their work. Aniela absolutely loves her music class and has learned a lot. Thank you again for everything. . Your passion for music and leaning is infectuous and your students thrive from it!
Love Aniela

Thank you Mr. I for bringing the joy of music into our children's lives. I was telling my hubby the other day how special you are for doing that. There are soooo many kids who love you and the things that you bring to their lives, including our Raiyah and even Shaun. So thanks, and we look forward to seeing you next year again.

Thank you for making learning music so much fun! Have a great Summer!

Emerson and Matheson

Thank you sincerely for being Nevada's teacher. I love to hear her singing the special songs you've taught her (*She always sings for us in the car wherever we go). The musical training has been excellent for her and I know she will look forward to being with you again in September. We hope you enjoy this 'musical gift', which Nevada chose for you herself.... (we need somthing that makes a song..-said Nevada). Thank you, Mr. I

Darien and Stan C.

It was a great year. I had lots of fun. You taught us the recorder very well. I will miss playing it with you, although I will play it with my music teacher it will not be as much fun as it was playing it with you. My favourite songs are Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and Rock Gently Sailboat. Have fun and good luck!


"Goodbye Mr. I. Thank you for teaching me lots of great songs and how to play the recorder. I will miss you, from Alex. (ps- Alex finished the Purple level this year. I am so very proud of him and his two older brothers who also went through the Musical Rainbow program).


Thanks so much for making the music class lots of fun and considering each child's character. Jesse enjoyed it very much.

"Thank you for all your musical teachings and patience."

And here is a very special letter sent through email from Jack's family after graduating from the Purple class. Thank you so much for this letter:

Dear Mr. I,
My wife and I wanted to send you a brief letter expressing our sincere appreciation and thanks for the time you have spent over the recent years teaching our three boys Luke, Callum and Jack all about the musical rainbow. All three of our boys spent 4 years with you, from the ages of 5-9.
We really appreciate the education in music that you provided them, especially because we are not a particularly musical family. For us as parents, to see our boys sing in the concerts, read their music, play their recorders and learn all about the places and peoples of the world through your teaching, has been such a great thrill for us. We know that they have learnt so much from you (without even realising it) and that the musical knowledge and skills they now possess, will always be with them.
We have always admired your teaching style and the great patience that you show with all of the children in your classes. You have made a lasting and very positive impression on our family and we now like to think that we are not quite as much the non-musical family we once were. We hope that you continue to teach your music to the young people in our community for many more years to come.
Our very best regards, and thanks once again.
Darren and Sandra

TESTIMONIALS for the end of the 2007 TEACHING YEAR:

Mr. I, Thank you for being such a kind, gentle and fun influence on Meghann's musical development for these past four years. We have enjoyed the classes and concerts, and Meg is now really keen to go on learning to play the piano. We will miss you. Good luck in the future!...... N.

Mr. I: Just a short note to say thank you for a wonderful year of playing music, singing, silliness, laughter and an appreciation of music. Each week Macy (and Kassandra) looked forward to Mr. I. We look forward to next year. Enjoy your Summer! .....G.

Dear Mr. I : Thank you so much for a fun-filled MUSICAL RAINBOW year. Your patience, enthusiasm, and love of music are contagious! ...... C.

To Mr. I : Thank you for all the patience, good humour and care you put into each class. Have a great Summer! ..... E.

Dear Mr. I : Thank you for a wonderful year. You have truly opened up Jonathon's world to the beauty and joy of music. Thanks again, .... P

Thank you for teaching me, Mr. I. I liked all the recorder songs that you taught me this year! You are such a good teacher that I learned 'Land of the Silver Birch' on the recorder really quickly. Goodbye and have a great Summer! ..... A.

Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching music. Thank you for being kind and funny and making such a positive experience for Bianca. We wish you all the best! Bianca and her family.