Musical Rainbow Program

Each level of the Musical Rainbow is depicted as a colour. The program begins with RED and ends with PURPLE.

This innovative program is a fun way for children aged three to eight to learn music. Through singing songs, chanting rhymes, playing music games, using xylophones, recorders and other instruments children come to learn the principles of music. The program is based upon the Kodaly philosophy of using songs and rhymes from children’s folk culture to teach music.

Note reading and writing , composition, improvisation, part-singing and music history are taught in the upper levels. Children are introduced to all instrument families; actual instruments of the orchestra are brought in to the classroom and played by Mr. I. Your child will be inspired to take private instrument studies as they get older. the students put on several group concerts throughout the year.

The MUSICAL RAINBOW has five levels. Each level is a colour. At the end of each level the student receives a certificate for the level they have completed. At the end of the fifth level, PURPLE, the student will receive a special RAINBOW DIPLOMA

RED LEVEL: 3 & 4 year olds.
YELLOW LEVEL: Kindergarten age (5 years old)
GREEN LEVEL: Grade One (6 years old)
BLUE LEVEL: Grade Two (7 years old)
PURPLE LEVEL: Grade Three (8 years old)