Facts n Fun CDs


My name is Mr. I. Since 1980 I have been teaching multicultural and educational music to children. I currently teach my Musical Rainbow program at several music academies and at several Montessori schools. Along with teaching I write songs and perform concerts for children. Over the years I’ve worked with Gary Huntbatch (composer),  Anise Abdulla (Montessori Educator), Deb Solberg (Musical Theatre Specialist) and others to create many CDs full of entertaining and educational songs. These songs contain fun facts about the culture, the geography, the wildlife, the history and so much more about each particular theme. Many free samples available. Explore and enjoy!   (Mr. I)

Please click under the PRODUCT CATEGORIES column to find the themes you are looking for. You can also use the SEARCH function to more easily find your songs. If there are any songs you are looking for that are not listed please send a request through email.

“You’re songs are very cute and singable. Thankyou for writing them down and making the CDs. My students had fun singing them!” Mary Kovak, Elementary school teacher, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, U.S.A. ‘