Mr. I & the Rainbow Singers are able to perform many different types of concerts for many different types of settings: Festivals & Fairs; School Concerts; Community Concerts; Christmas Concerts; Hallowe’en Shows; and they have an AWESOME Canada Day Show.  778-987-7706

Please browse the following pages for more information on these concerts.

School Concerts:  Mr. I & the Rainbow Singers will come to your school to perform the multicultural ‘PEACE’ show. In this show, Mr. I and four of his students (children aged 5 to 9) will sing songs from each continent. Different languages will be sung where appropriate. The students at your school will take a musical trip around the world. The show promotes peace and respect for peoples of the world. A study guide is available. For complete information of this show EMAIL. Other types of shows are also availabe. See the following on THEMES:

Community Concerts:  Mr. I & the Rainbow Singers perform a fun interactive family show. The focus here is on entertaining, rather than educating as in the school concert. Mr. I gets kids from the audience up to play instruments, hold flags, etc. The show includes animal balloons. See the community concert page for more details.

Christmas Concert: Yes, Mr. I & the Rainbow Singers have a Christmas show. And it is not any type of Christmas Show. Warmth and that singalong feeling will fill the room when Mr. I and the kids perform this highly entertaining and interactive show. See Christmas concert page for more details.

Hallowe-en Show:SLIGHTLY SPOOKY SONGS & STORIES WITH MR. I & THE RAINBOW SINGERS’ is the title of this extraordinary show. Hear MR. I tell his famous ‘GHOST IN THE HOUSE’ story and dance along as the Rainbow Singers get everyone up to do ‘THE MONSTER MASH’. See the Hallowe’en Show page for complete details.

Canada Day Show: Dressing in red and white Mr. I and the Rainbow Singers sing songs from provinces across the country. Highly entertaining and educational. Makes one proud to be a Canadian. You will be moved. Audience participation required. See Canada Show page for detailed description of the show.

Birthday Parties: Yes, can you believe it? Mr. I will even come to your home to entertain at your child’s birthday party. The Rainbow Singers do not come along. Mr. I is on his own leading a special ‘Birthday Circle Time’ that is quite photogenic and fun. Prepare the track through your home for the instrument parade. The hour ends with Mr. I making animal balloons for all the kids. See the Birthday page for more info.