Second of the series.


Vivid, colourful songs about parrots, llamas, alpacas, the two-toed sloth, the rain forest and the mighty Amazon. Some songs are in Spanish. A song that teaches the names of all the countries as well. Booklet has lyrics & guitar chords. Completely redone in the Fall of 2006.


  1. SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRIES- Lists all the country names in song. Easy to memorize. 

  2. PLANTS & ANIMALS - How plants and animals depend upon each other for survival in the rain forest.
  3. MI CHACRA (MY FARM) - Farm animals in Spanish. Based on a folk melody from Argentina. 
  4. LLAMAS & ALPACAS - A fun song about these members of the camel family. 

  5. TWO - TOED SLOTH - Upside down song about the sloth. 

  6. LAKE TITTIKAKA - Great song about this important lake in South America.

  7. AMAZON - Beautiful song about this powerful and important river. 
  8. RAIN FOREST SONG - A day in the life of the rain forest. We can help protect this balance. 
  9. HUMMINGBIRD - Can there be a more fascinating bird?
  10. FIVE BIG PARROTS - Fingerplay about parrots and a jaguar. See the bottom of this page for a free copy of this poem. 

  11. PARROT SONG - Facts on the four types of parrots in South America. 
  12. SAMBALELE - Brazilian folk song. Silly Sambalele, always getting into trouble. 

  13. SPANISH COUNTING SONG - Count to ten in Spanish. Learn to say 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'. 

  14. SAN SERENI - Folk dance in Spanish. Children can act out each of the parts. 

  15. CHACARERA - Folk song from Argentina. 
  16. MACCHU PICCHU - About these historic ruins.

  17. MACCHU PICCHU STORY - Another one of Gary's famous stories. Great Fun!


Finger play by Mr. I

Five big parrots perched on a tree   Flapping their wings happily  One saw a jaguar on the forest floor            It flew away, and then there were four.

Four big parrots perched on a tree.  Flapping their wings happily . One saw the jaguar climbing up the tree.   So it flew away, and then there were three.

Three big parrots, perched on a tree.  Flapping their wings happily.   The jaguar kept creeping through the understory too.    One parrot flew away, and then there were two.

Two big parrots perched on a tree.  Flapping their wings happily.  The jaguar reached the canopy up close to the sun.   One parrot flew away, and then there was one.

ONe big parrot perched on a tree.  Flapping its wings up in the canopy. The jaguar leapt through the air with a great big pounce.  but the parrot flew away.   I wonder?   Do jaguars bounce?