Completely redone in 2002. First of the 'FACTS & FUN' series.


If you are studying about Antarctica this CD is a must! Lots of great songs and poems about penguins, seals, other flying birds, the food chain, icebergs and science stations. And a funny story about the 'Antarctic Polar Bear' by Gary Q. It's crazy how over the years I still encounter students who think there are polar bears in Antarctica.

This was the first CD that started off the 'Facts & Fun' series. It's been completely updated in January of 2008. Enjoy! Lyrics are available on the bottom of this page.

LYRIC BOOKLET with guitar chords also available.


1) LAND SO FAR AWAY (Mr. I) - Beautiful folk melody introducing the Land of Antarctica. Lyrics from Susan Barker.

2) ANTARCTICA SONG (Mr. I) - A catchy tune about mites, plants, fish, Roald Amundsen and the weather.

3) HIGH & DRY IN ANTARCTICA (Gary Huntbatch) - great song describing mountain ranges and the bleak terrain.

4) FOOD CHAIN (Mr.I & Gary Q) - a new version of the song spiced up by Gary Q.

5) CRUSTY KRILL - Charlotte Diamond's 'OCTOPUS' song with lyrics from Linda Rosas, Richmond Montessori. A great activity song about the food chain, from a diatom to a killer whale. New music track added to the melody.

6) SEVEN PENGUINS - Children learn the names of the seven penguins that live in Antarctica

7) I'M A LITTLE PENGUIN -  A cute penguin song.

8) McMURDO STATION - Information about the largest research station in Antarctica. 

9) SEALS - Lists the four types of seals that live in Antarctica, and the two types of seals who come to visit and feed. 

10) ADELIE PENGUINS (Gary Huntbatch) A new song for the new CD about how adelie penguins form a rookery and take care of the baby chicks.

11) PETER PETER PENGUIN  - Descriptive penguin play song. 

12) THE PENGUIN EGG - Tongue-in-cheek song about daddy penguins and egg hatching.

13) FLYING BIRDS OF ANTARCTICA (Gary Huntbatch) New song from Gary. Lists birds from Antarctica.

14) AN ICE RAP (Mr. I) Yes, here it is Susan BArker, a song describing the many kinds of ice in Antarctica.

15) ICEBERG - Lovely song describing one of nature's most beautiful works of art. 

16) THE ANTARCTIC POLAR BEAR (Gary Huntbatch) Okay! Gary's up to his silliness again. Fun song. Will they ever find a polar bear in the Antarctic? Listen and see.

17) FIVE LITTLE PENGUINS - Fingerplay that shows the determination that penguins have. 

18) PENGUIN POEM - Short poem listing all types of penguins that live in Antarctica

Available on CD or cassette with an accompanying booklet.

These eighteen songs and poems of Antarctica were recorded by Mr. I and Gary Huntbatch. Anise Abdula and Linda Rosas provided facts and onfo about Antarctica for us to use in composition. The package has been designed for teachers of pre-school and primary levels, but can also be entertaining at home. The songs are full of facts and full of fun.