Mr I and
the Rainbow Singers

The Musical Rainbow Program

The Musical Rainbow program develops musicianship. Children begin at age three. By the time they are in Grade Three they are able to read and write music notation, play Bach, Beethoven and Mozart on the recorder, will have a good ear for music and will be able to sing in tune. They will also have a good idea as to which musical instrument they may want to learn as they grow older.  Through singing songs, playing simple instruments and having lots of fun with the music games children children don't even realize how much they are learning about music. Once they have graduated from the Purple level of the program they are well prepared with many basic musicianship skills in order to begin private study in voice or on an instrument.



Educational and Entertaining Music for Children, Families and Educators. A collection of songs and poems that teach about this wonderful world in which we live. The CDs are full of fun and full of learning.

The Musical Rainbow Teaching Team

Here is the current list of teachers on the Musical Rainbow Teaching Team! To have one of these teachers bring the joy of music to your classroom.

Concerts with Mr I & The Rainbow Music Singers

MR. I & THE Hummingbird Music SINGERS provide sunshine filled concerts at festivals and corporate events. The Hummingbird Music Singers are four young children who sing with Mr.I. The shows include puppets, balloons and music. They are great fun, interactive and filled with humour.

Yes, have Mr. I & the Hummingbird Music SIngers entertain at your next event. This is wonderful, interactive entertainment for children and families. Mr. I brings along four children (the rainbow singers) to sing with him. Children from the audience are invited on stage and become part of the show performing with the group. Lots of fun, lots of laughter! The show includes puppets and balloons!


Bring the MUSICAL RAINBOW PROGRAM program to your preschool or daycare

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